Melanie Maness Iznaola

Melanie is a wife and mother of two beautifully spirited children. Melanie is an experienced ER nurse of 11 years. She began her yoga journey as a student as a way of a healthy life style and stress relief. For the past seven years her yoga styles have been focused on Hatha yoga, Vinyassa yoga. In 2014 her and her family relocated abroad to Madrid Spain. This is where Melanie deepened her practice and love for yoga. It became more of a life style versus an exercise routine. During her years as an ER nurse, she saw many preventable disease processes. Her focus since then is to help teach and educate people on how to incorporate yoga and stress reduction as a way of a preventative measure to ensure a happy healthy life. Melanie has a very calm demeanor and shows pure love for helping others. She has the ability to teach students of all different levels. Melanie’s main goal is to give back to her community and share the knowledge she has gained over the course of her ER nursing career and yoga practice. Melanie is a 200RYT yoga alliance certified yoga instructor. Her yoga classes are fun, dynamic and light hearted. It is perfect for all levels of yoga practice from beginner to more advance all while building a strong connection with one another while improving ones self awareness and health.

One of Melanie’s favorite quote is- (Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. By George Shaw.)

What’s in a name? Where did it come from? Tortuga soul.

Melanie has a deep love for sea turtles. She feels there is much to learn from these smart beautiful animals. If you notice when a sea turtle is trying to reach a destination it does not struggle nor fight each passing wave rather it remains calm and trust that with each passing wave it will arrive to its destination. We have much we can learn from them. When life brings moments of waves we should not struggle but rather trust that this too will pass and will make us stronger and closer to where we want to be. We must have faith and remain calm. The next time you have a moment or your next wave remember the sea turtle (Tortuga) and keep its spirit (soul), and remember this too shall pass.

With that passion for nature she has also dedicated her life to giving back and supporting causes and companies that make a difference and give back, especially marine conservation and sea turtles. She is the ambassador for sandcloud towels who’s efforts give 10% of profits to marine conservation, She is also a supporter for tentree who with each purchase plants 10 trees. With  a little effort we can all make a big impact. Next goal Melanie has planned is starting a yoga line with some of the proceeds going to support marine life💙🐋🐢🐠