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Tortuga Soul Tribe reviews

I absolutely love my Tortuga Soul towel! Since I am a flight attendant I travel often and with limited space. This towel is perfect for taking on trips because it takes very little space! I use it everywhere! My favorite is using it to lay out on the sand and for my yoga flows! The best part though is that I helped save marine animals!

Maria Nisprose

These towels are amazing! I love my rainbow turtle towel, the color and quality is excellent! It is perfect for my sweaty yoga class! Everyone in my Birkam yoga class adores it! I would definitely recommend them!

Heather M.

I just got my towel and I love it! The first place I tried it out was at my pool! These run long so they cover the lounge chair well! #savethemarineanimals  

Michelle Allen

I absolutely love my turtle towel! It’s great quality and so cute!! I can’t wait to use it at the beach and in my yoga classes! 

Jasmine B.

I am in love with my new towel. I live at the beach and love that it’s light weight and easy to pack in a small beach bag! 

Brittany A.

I rather enjoy my wave towel for both yoga and the gym. It is easy to use on the go and is very absorbent. I would recommend this towel to my friends.

Tomas M

This towel is long and just the right size for my long gym mat. I am a tall person and struggle finding a long length, however this one is excellent!

Miguel S

As a pilot I needed a portable towel that was good quality and didn't take up my suitcase space. This one is perfect! I take it with me on my flights and use it in my hotel room and gym. I have also used it for the pool and it worked out well!

Victor G

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