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Behind the lens of Tortuga Soul

Save our Whales

Over 100,000 marine animals die per year from plastic. Whales are largely at risk due to skim feeding at the surface of the ocean in which they swim with their mouths open to feed on plankton, and in doing so ingesting floating surface plastic which will cause them to have intestinal blockages and lead to their death.

We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.

Ocean love

Tortuga Soul Tribe reviews

I absolutely love my Tortuga Soul towel! Since I am a flight attendant I travel often and with limited space. This towel is perfect for taking on trips because it takes very little space! I use it everywhere! My favorite is using it to lay out on the sand and for my yoga flows! The best part though is that I helped save marine animals!

Maria Nisprose

These towels are amazing! I love my rainbow turtle towel, the color and quality is excellent! It is perfect for my sweaty yoga class! Everyone in my Birkam yoga class adores it! I would definitely recommend them!

Heather M.

I just got my towel and I love it! The first place I tried it out was at my pool! These run long so they cover the lounge chair well! #savethemarineanimals  

Michelle Allen

I absolutely love my turtle towel! It’s great quality and so cute!! I can’t wait to use it at the beach and in my yoga classes! 

Jasmine B.

I am in love with my new towel. I live at the beach and love that it’s light weight and easy to pack in a small beach bag! 

Brittany A.

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